Book Review: The Boy Who Came In From the Cold by B.G. Thomas

It was quite a thrill to be contacted by author Jamie Deacon and have her tell me that she loved my novel, “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold.” I get so busy writing, writing, writing, yes, and writing that next project, novella, novel, that I tend to forget people are just now discovering a book I wrote what feels like a century ago! LOL! However, on top of her wonderful email, she wrote a review for her website and it brought happy tears to my eyes! The original posting can be found RIGHT HERE Check out her site RIGHT HERE. Is really quite lovely!

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Many consider the concept of love at first sight to be little more than make-believe, the stuff of fairy tales and ancient myths. However, those who have experienced it, that immediate flash of recognition inspired by a single glance, will swear to its existence. Wherever you stand on the issue, there can be no denying the instant and powerful affinity that sparks between the heroes in this sweetly sensual novel by B.G. Thomas.

Desperate to escape the small town where he lived with his abusive stepfather and cowardly mother, Todd Burton fled to Kansas City with only a few possessions and his dreams. Six months later, these dreams are in ruins. He has no job, no real friends, and insufficient funds to pay the rent on his squalid apartment. Evicted by his landlord in the midst of a blizzard, Todd is sheltering in the lobby of an apartment building when a handsome man offers him a place to stay. Confused as to the stranger’s motives, as well as the fact that he is openly gay, something Todd has been brought up to despise, he must either put his faith in him or trust his fate to the snow.

It’s been a couple of years since Gabe Richards last let a man into his heart, and the emotional scars of the break-up have yet to fully heal. He has a successful career, a stunning apartment, and plenty of good friends. If he’s conscious of the void in his life where a partner should be, he chooses not to dwell on it. When he persuades Todd in from the cold, those closest to him warn him against being taken for a ride. Yet, something about the younger man—his dark beauty mixed with a touching vulnerability—renders him irresistible. All Gabe can do is follow his instincts, and hope that his generosity won’t get him hurt a second time.

The Boy Who Came In From the Cold is a story of coming out and falling in love, and is every bit as tender as it is sexy. Though there is little in the way of real conflict, the author’s warm style and obvious sympathy with the characters made this a true delight to read. He also does a wonderful job of portraying Todd’s turmoil as he wrestles with his sexuality. The reader is privy to his every doubt, his every blinding realization, and his struggle will surely resonate with anyone who has ever undergone any crisis with their identity.

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Jamie Deacon lives alone in a peaceful spot close to the River Thames in Berkshire, England, and has always been just a little out of place—the only redhead in a family of brunettes; an introvert far more at ease with dogs than with people; a connoisseur of simple pleasures in a society intent on the quest for wealth and fame. Despite an outward cynicism, Jamie is a romantic at heart, and, when not immersed in a book, can mostly be found writing emotionally-charged stories where beautiful young men clash, bare their souls, and ultimately fall in love.