Some of you might know that my dear friend Linnea has helped me totally redecorate my kitchen in a chefs and waiters and maître d’theme and I love it! What better theme for a gay man’s kitchen than men, men, men?

Well now she has made me this Italian chef man to go with all my new fabulous kitchen decor. He’s stuffed with plastic grocery bags (reusing them over and over so they’re not just in a landslide somewhere)!

Thing is, my Italian chef needs a name! Help me come up with one that the hubby and l love and then I’ll come up with some kind of prize!

Have fun! Go!!

Exciting Promotion from Dreamspinner Press! Don’t Miss This!

Dreamspinner Press has a very exciting month planned for June. Each day a book will be released under the theme, “Time is Eternity.” That is thirty stories plus a bonus story about … wait for it … Time Travel!

And one of those stories is mine.

Now ready for this?? This is SO cool!

They will be giving away a Kindle Fire!

On Saturday, there will be an online promotional “party” to get word out about these stories. You show up, read a bit, make a few comments, and you could be the lucky winner of a Kindle Fire!

How cool is that?

You just show up this Saturday, May 5, 2012, at the Literary Nymphs Yahoo! Group, You will probably have to join the group, but it is almost instantaneous. You check out what is going on, don’t even have to leave your own home, and you could win that Kindle Fire.

Now my story, as you may or may not know, is called “It Had to Be You.” Here is a description…

It Had to Be You by B.G. Thomas
Robert Daniels is always dating the wrong guys. He doesn’t understand it. Then, one day, on a particularly bad date, he dies…

…only to wake up in the body of a man named Jimmy, who was shot and killed—but in 1927. Along comes Hugh Naylor, the guy Robert has been waiting for all his life. Hugh is perfect—sweet, intelligent, and sexy. The problem? Hugh is in love with Jimmy.

Now Robert’s falling in love with Hugh, but how can he explain he isn’t who he appears? How can he get Hugh to love him, and not the man whose body he inhabits? And who shot Jimmy?

My story and the others have one common theme. Somehow, time travel is involved. The writers have used a huge range of imagination to explore the idea as well. Don’t think it is all some kind of gay version of The Terminator, okay?

Think of all the great movies you know. Somewhere in Time, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Time Traveler’s Wife, A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court, Source Code (with yummy Jake Gyllenhaal), The Lake House. Even Groundhog Day!

How about GREAT romance books like Jude Devereau’s A Knight in Shining Armor, Diana Gabaldon’s amazing Outlander books including Dragonfly in Amber or Lyn Kurland’s books, like Dance Through Time.

And of course let’s not forget Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time

But these stories will be about men. Gay men. So you know, think Charlie Bodell Got Married, The Time Traveler’s Husband, etc etc. You can find a description of all the stories by clicking RIGHT HERE You’ll see a button that says “Expand” and by clicking on that, you will see all the wonderful stories.

Show up on Saturday and check this all out. This is gonna be great! It’s going to be fun. And just by showing up – online! – you could win a Kindle Fire!

As I said, one of the stories is mine. There are 30 M/M stories going to be available when this is all released, plus one extra! I haven’t read any of them of course, they aren’t out yet. But I am getting to know these authors, and they are great! Some of these are my favorites, and a few I got to meet when I went to New York recently.

Just get a load of these names!: Dawn Kimberly Johnson, Clare London, Zahra Owens, Amy Lane, Chelle Dugan, Mary Calmes, Jonathan Treadway, Lori Toland, Sam C. Leonhard, Elizabeth Coldwell, Rowan Speedwell, B.G. Thomas, Jaime Samms, Jamie Fessenden, Cardeno C., Tinnean, S.A. Garcia, Stephen Osborne, Anne Barwell, Eon de Beaumont, M. Lee, Dany Sirene, Susan Laine, Kim Fielding, Jackson Cordd, A.J. Marcus, Ari McKay, W.M. Kirkland, E.T. Malinowski, Y.L. Stray and Chris Scully!

All these stories will be for sale individually on June first.

But there’s more! LOL! And this is cool. REALLY COOL!

This can be bought as a package, with over 1,500 pages of fiction selling individually for a total $92.70.

OR!! You can buy the package early and save: Buy the package in May BEFORE May 25th for $49.99!
OR! LOL! Wait until June first and just buy story! *G*

I hope to see you tomorrow. I’ll be laid up after this knee surgery and hope to have a fabulous time. Wish I could win that E-reader.

Remember, you just show up this Saturday, May 5, 2012, at the Literary Nymphs Yahoo! Group, Hang out a bit, MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A COMMENT. Have fun. And maybe win big time.

Be there! Or be square!

B.G. Thomas

Contest! Contest! Contest!

Contest! Contest! Contest!

Win a copy of my story, “How Could Love Be Wrong?”

My newest story, “How Could Love Be Wrong,” is a part of Dreamspinner Press’s Daily Dose (a story a day) series, “First Time For Everything.”

From true love’s first innocent kiss to finally getting down and dirty on the kitchen floor, there’s a first time for every sort of cherry to be popped. Whether discovering the ravenous thrill of sex or the heartwarming power of romance, these men are going to take the plunge and try something new—something romantic or kinky, daring or safe, passionate or relaxed, even comforting or scary—all in the name of love. The First Time for Everything Daily Dose package delivers 30 M/M stories about all kinds of first times.


Send me an email at telling me a first time for you. Something that would fit into the description above. Whether a first kiss that you will never forget, to something sexual, or romantic, or passionate or naughty. Something you will never forget.

A winner will be chosen and a free copy of the story sent your way in a choice of e-format. What’s more, you will be registered on the Dreamspinner Press website/bookshelf so that if anything were to ever happen to it, you would get another free copy.

So share your first time for everything experience! You just might be the winner!