Today is the Day I Leave for GayRomLit!

Today is the Day! GayRomLit!

So today is the day I head off to Albuquerque, NM for GayRomLit. Four hundred writers, editors, publishers and readers of gay romance all in one place.

If you check the site you will see there is a hell of a list of attendees. Unfortunately, I am not on the list because I waited too long to sign up, but I know it is going to be a wonderful and important weekend.

Just look at this list of events: Continue reading

An Important Weekend!

So this weekend my husband and I are off to Contraception 22 in Independence, Missouri.

This is exciting because…

1) It is our ten year anniversary! We’ve been together ten years now and we me at this fun and fabulous adultacon. So much fun. And it was there that we had our commitment ceremony five years ago. Hurray for us! M/M romance is real!

2) It is the first con that I am considered a pro. This means I don’t pay to go! They may ask me to do a reading or something and that is cool.

But wow! A symbol that I am a pro! I real professional writer and author!


What could be better than this?

This Week In My Life

So I have finished second edits on both All Snug and Christmas Wish and I am very very happy with them.

LOTS of work, but I learnlearnlearn, and that is important.

Yesterday I finished my first draft of a story I am tentatively calling Valentine’s Ball (hate that title with its too porn implications). It is a sweet story, very romantic, and I hope it is well received. Sent it to my betas and hope to hear back soon so I can submit it.

Today I am working on my vampire apocalypse love story. Yup! All three in one story! These are nasty scary vampires, not rockstar-long-haired-googly-loving-eyed-sissy-boi-vampires. Nasty nasty nasty…

How can that bring romance? Stayed tuned to find out!

Work work work!

And a date with my husband today/tonight as well!


PS: Anyone going to ConTraception this year? I know that better be there!!