Second Edits!!


This time Dreamspinner wants second edits on their stories for the Advent Calender!


And that is okay.

I am learning SO much. Doing second edits on Christmas Wish right now, and should have them done before requested date. Just too worn out today to do them this evening (did some at work today).

I am sure I will then get All Snug back for secondary edits.

Good thing too because somehow I forgot to dedicate it to my husband, who gave me the seed of the idea that brought forth a story I am very, very proud of!



Thoughts; Working, Working, Working..!

Writing is a job.

I love it. But it is a job. Just like the art I’ve been doing at work. It is fulfilling and thrilling and there is lots of wonder…

But it most assuredly is a job.

Coming out of overtime and haven’t had much free time and it has been filled with editing the stories I’ve sold. The publisher edits them and sends them to you and you approve or disapprove and make changes as you see fit and it is work! LOL!

The editor of All Snug is amazing. I do not agree with everything she has done and I haven’t approved all her changes, but I also can’t get over how her suggestions have radically improved the story and how I have learned even more about writing in the last two days.

But it isn’t getting me anywhere on my next story! I can’t get to it! And it is a good one..! Vampires and these ain’t nothing like something from Twilight, believe you me!

And then there is this company looking for Valentine’s Day stories and in the past I’ve made the mistake of putting them lower on the list and twice now they’ve stopped taking submissions a food four to six weeks before their deadline. I didn’t know publishers did that. So even thought the VD deadline is a few months away, I feel I better get to it now!

So what does all this mean?

Writing is work! Why, I’ve sold everything I’ve sent out and if I want to announce more sales to you soon, I’ve got to finish stuff and get it out there. I can’t just sit around.

Writing is work. I love it!

But it most assuredly is a job. And like King has said in his forwards and afterwards and even his book on writing, you have to schedule writing and stick to it, just like a “real life” job. Know that you will be writing buy such and such a time each day and do it, no excuses. And that means discovering a way to tap into your imagination even when you aren’t “feeling” it. Figuring a way to “feel” it. I don’t have to do that at my horrid daily paying job. I just have to show up and do it.

This is an amazing learning experience. And in the end? I am loving it!

Thank God it is so much for fulfilling than any nine to five job I’ve ever had..!


UPDATE: Just sent off my edits of All Snug. Nap time and then work on the vampire story! Or should it be the Valentine’s Day story?

Story Blurbs

So I got my story blurbs from Dreamspinner Press this morning. My job is to approve them or ask for changes. It is way too early in the morning… I pretty much like them but feel an itch to ad a word or three to one of them..!

All Snug
By B.G. Thomas
Elliot and Shawn each want to buy the same one-of-a-kind item for Christmas—a very old and expensive antique bed—as a gift for their lovers. But when they both arrive at the store at the same moment, the proprietor tells them to figure out between themselves who gets the bed. Elliot and Shawn decide to hold a contest: winner buys bed.

And so the competitions begin, from selling charity tickets to cleaning out stables, and interpersonal tension and burgeoning attraction mount as the days until Christmas pass. But who deserves the gift more: Elliot, who can afford the expensive gift for his casual sex partner, or Shawn, who can barely cover rent, and the mysterious man he’s head-over-heels for?

Christmas Wish
By B.G. Thomas
Harry is desperately unhappy with his life. He hates his job, his apartment, and most especially, he hates the way he looks. Despite this, once Harry hears that his fantasy man, Javier Torres, is playing Santa at the local gay bar, he can’t wait to get his picture taken sitting on Javier’s lap in hopes of finally catching the sexy man’s attention. But it all goes wrong, and Harry ends up telling a different “Santa” exactly how his life could be made better… but he doesn’t expect his Christmas wish to come true!

Edits on “Christmas Wish”

So I got my edits from Dreamspinner on my story that is now called Christmas Wish. They want them back by Friday! Girl! And I bet I’ll get the other story any time.

I am going to be busy this week when I am not working!

So far they have done a good job. Right now I am just skimming at lightning speed to see if I like what they’ve done. Tomorrow I will read the furshlugginer thing and see if I did anything stupid. It happens! LOL! With a fresh mind I will be able to see things I didn’t see when I was too close to the story.


To work!

Another Story Submission

So I just sent out yet another story submission.

This is another Christmas story for Dreamspinner Press’s annual Advent Calendar line.

My story is called All Snug. It is certainly the “nice” to the “naughty” of the preveious story I sent out a week or so ago.

This one is about 16,000 words, under the 18,000 limit! I did it for once! Went under the word count limit. Miracles do happen.

This story is a companion piece to All I Want for Christmas, and while there is no way you need to read both, people who have done so expressed their delight at the way they compliment each other.

Special thanks to the betas who kicked ass and read and edited the story while I was on vacation. I came back from camp with a cold and I feel crappy today so it took me all day to read through their edits and use them! So thank you SO much , and . What wonderful friends!

I love this story! Especially when it was my husband that gave me the original idea. I chewed on it for weeks and this story was born. I pretty much wrote it in 24 hours! I’ve never had anything like that happen to me. I wrote until four in the morning one day, slept for about five hours and then got up and worked until four that afternoon and it was esentially done! So here is hoping that I sell both holiday stories!


Galley Edits

So I sent in the edits for the galley of “Just Guys” today. I was very pleased to re-read the story after a few months. It was better than I remembered and made me proud to know I’d written it.

Made a number of little word changes and asked that a few sentences be added for clarification. The wonderful thing about this process is that not reading the story for awhile allows you to see things that you missed before. You know, you read what it is supposed to say rather than what it actually says. The wait allows you to read what it actually says!

They pretty much made every change I asked for on Soul of the Mummy and I was so nervous about it! LOL! Their reply was that they were perfectly willing to make the changes and that was why there was a galley process. I was much more confidant this time and asked for every change I could think of.

Still waiting to hear back on two stories out there. The story I am writing with my friend Charlie is going very slowly but it is a darned good one. I think I am just going to say “fuck” the deadline we were shooting for, write it as it should be and submit it all on its own. Not force it to be something it isn’t, you know?

Just five days until my first story is available! How exciting!

Thanks for all your support!!


Edits Arrived This Morning!

So the edits arrived this morning for my story “Soul of the Mummy,” and to tell you the truth, this Lynn West is good. Really really really good! I am pleased with almost every single thing she did, mostly just grammatical and the like.

There were one or two things that I am trying to negotiate for, but that’s it.

For instance, my betas may remember the line, “his flat flat stomach,” and how you all wanted it to be “flat, flat stomach.” I wanted the poetic feel, so that you really see just HOW flat it was.

Then there is the issue of whether Egypt is an African country or Middle-Eastern country. Technically, it is a rare transcontinental country, but because of the world it inhabits, so many think of it as a Middle Eastern country. I asked for the compromise of “Arabic” country.

See how few things I am “unhappy” about? I’m willing to let go of any of them. Lynn is an amazing editor and I can’t wait for the next steps!

And I can’t wait to see the cover. Nervous too! Covers can be SO bad and SO good! I worry that a misinformed artist will show a black ancient Egyptian. Somehow in the last decade or two, this idea has swept the African-American community that ancient Egyptians were black.

They weren’t. I’ve studied Egypt most of my life. They were ruddy colored, being out in the sun all the time. But the rich kept there wives indoors all the time so that they would be very pale. Ancient poetry describes a beloved one as “pale as the white breast of a dove.” If you have ever seen one of the most famous pieces of art in all time, the bust of Nefertiti, you can see she was not black.

Egyptians had Nubian (black) slaves…

And Nubia conquered Egypt for – I think it was about a century and that time was known as the time of the black Pharaohs…

Well, we will see!