Furry Friday: Beautiful Bearded Men in Black & White

Today’s Furry Friday is beautiful bearded men in artistic black and white! *GRIN* In my search for gorgeous men I’ve found lots of black and white photographs. Somehow they didn’t look right with the color pictures, at least to me. So I save them and when I get enough men I really like, I present them to you.

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Furry Friday: Bring on the Bearded MM Romance Authors: Part Two

And here we go…! Part Deux of the bearded MM Romance writers! Last Friday (Click Here) it was Rick R. Reed, Rob Damon, Andrew Grey, Jacob Flores, F.E. Feeley Jr. and Jamie Fessenden. This week it’s…. Well, you’ll just have to scroll down and look! But I bet at least a few of these are writers you really love. And maybe they’ll be one or two you didn’t know about!

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Furry Friday: Men With a Facial Hair Automatically Get +10 Points

Here is today’s selections of beautiful bearded men. Telling you, as far as I am concerned, facial hair is it. If you are ever sitting and chatting with me at GRL or the DSP Workshop or here at Oddly Correct, my favorite coffee shop, and right in the middle of the conversation my head suddenly turns–I am betting a man with facial hair just walked by. Five O’Clock shadow, goatee, trim beard, full thick one…oh yea! I think it’s one of those things that was just hardwired in my brain at a very early age that beard means MAN. Same with with a hairy chest. Smooth faces and chests can be okay…. But for me it is the hair every time. So look and enjoy, vote if you want, and see if you can guess which of these men is my favorite!

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Furry Friday: Musicians


Today’s Furry Friday is dedicated to musicians. Singers, guitarists, solo artists and band members. This was per request! So let me know what you think. Beards; Without or With?

Adam Levine (Maroon Five); Without or With?

Axl Rose; Without or With?

Caleb Followill (Kings of Leon); Without or With?

Chris Martin (Coldplay); Without or With?

Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers); Without or With?

Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers); Without or With?

John Legend; Without or With?

Sting; Without or With?

Tim McGraw; Without or With?

Zayn Malik (One Direction); Without or With?

Be sure and vote!

Namaste and thanks for playing with my bearded men!
BG “Ben” Thomas