GayRomLit 2014 – Post the Second

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So very much has happened and I don’t know where to start….

Are you interested in my return to Boy’s Town in Chicago—where I first came out %#@ years ago?

Do you want to know about me finishing my new novel yesterday and sending it to Dreamspinner Press?

Should I save those and just talk about the event? Maybe this later since it is a GRL report and not a BG’s vacation report?

All right. So yesterday I dashed down to the Swag Room, about a half hour before it was to open and an extremely nice gentleman let me in early (which he did not have to do!) so I could lay out my swag. It isn’t just pens! They are a stylus that you can use on Ipads and stuff like that! No sooner had I laid them out when the room was inundated of with fans and readers.

I of course joined in and there was lots of cool stuff. And free books. Excerpts. Free downloads. Candy. Anxiety squeeze-toys. Stuffed animals. Condoms! LOL! And lots lots lots more.


Soon after that was the Supporting Author’s Booksigning and that was a complete and total blast. They were even giving away free books with excerpts and shorts and the like inside by the supporting authors so people could get one volume signed with all the writers. Such a cool idea. Authors had to wait to get a copy, which only makes sense. The readers got first dibs. Luckily there were plenty and I got one and got them signed by nearly everyone.

I also bought books and had them signed by favorite authors, some of which I had never been lucky enough to meet before. So much fun!

After that there was one of the many meet-the-author’s gigs, so I dashed off to one because I was one of the author’s scheduled. I met so many nice people. People were hugging me (some in tears!) and it was such a happy time. I was and have been blown away by all of the congratulations I received for getting married to my wonderful man. So many of them had donated money to send us to Baltimore. Thank you to all of them!

Some where in there I was practically dying and after grabbing a sandwich and took a short nap and then wrote wrote wrote. Book was almost finished when I head to the big MLR Press sponsored Opening Ceremonies.

The food was completely amazing—there were cheeses and fruit, these incredible mini-quiches, huge shrimp, stuffed mushroom and egg rolls—and I got stuffed!

I got to talk to more charming people—some I had met before and some new—and then the announcements were made, including the fact that GayRomLit 2015 will be held in San Diego. I am extremely excited about that. I spent many of my growing up years in California. Next year will be so much fun!


Then it was back to our hotel room where GRL was presented live for WON Radio “Write On The Edge” program. The wonderful Vicktor Alexander hosted—with the help of WR Prater and Toni Griffin a wild fun ride with attending authors including Angel Martinez, Charlie Cochet, Erica Pike, Lynn Lorenz, James Buchanan and many many more. We laughed and got personal and told many fun stories.

I ducked out for just a bit so I could dance with boys in underwear at the annual Juke Joint Event!

Well…. I didn’t actually dance with the boys but they were fun to watch and I did dance for a long time and had huge amounts of fun. Lady Gaga and Katie Perry and even ABBA’s Dancing Queen!

Then I finally wound up the evening talking with the lovely Erica Pike and Rafe Haze (also lovely as you can see).


And then it was time for bed! Stay tuned for the next report! It has been a FULL day and I am taking a power nap before the next series of events!

BG Thomas

AMAZING! I Just Finished My Seventh Novel At GayRomLit!!!!


OMG! Guess What I JUST Did?

Even though I am at The Gay Rom Lit Retreat and wanting to run around and aave fun–I spent A TON of time in the last two aays IN MY ROOM WRITING!

I just hit the “Send” button! I have FINISHED a novel AT GayRomLit! I just sent the manuscript to “Autumn Changes”–the third book in the “Seasons of Love Series” to Dreamspinner Press!

Huzzah! I am SO excited! HURRAY!

So some time early next year you will have the third Seasons of Love book!

Okay! NOW it is time to party! And here at ten o’clock central time until midnight, HERE–in my room–Write on the Edge–Live At GRL–a live blogcast! Featuring MM authors from all over the world–literally.–live-at-grl-2014 is the link!

Check it out!

Tomorrow there will be more pictures and reports on what has been happening at GayRomLit!

BG Thomas

Huge GayRomLit Sale at Dreamspinner Press! 25 to 35% Off!!


How exciting is this? In celebration of GayRomLit Retreat the entire store is 25% off! Books by authors attending GRL are 35% off! Hey! That means me too! You can find my books Clicking Here! And of course so many many more that you can find by And you can find my books Clicking Here!

Just look at all the authors whose wonderful work is on sale!

Shira Anthony, Bru Baker, JP Barnaby, Sophie Bonaste, KC Burn, Mary Calmes, Lex Chase, Charlie Cochet, Shae Connor, Poppy Dennison, Eli Easton, Kim Fielding, Jacob Z. Flores, Nicole Forcine, Rhys Ford, LE Franks, Jessica Freely, Andrew Q. Gordon, Andrew Grey, Lane Hayes, Sherrie Henry, Sam Kadence, Daniel A. Kaine, Lissa Kasey, Venona Keyes, Christopher Koehler, Tara Lain, Amy Lane, Clare London, Pearl Love, EM Lynley, Edmond Manning, Angel Martinez, Jamie Mayfield, Rowan McAllister, Kate McMurray, Tere Michaels, Ken Murphy, Tempeste O’Riley, MJ O’Shea, Madison Parker, SJD Peterson, Rick Reed, Devon Rhodes, Posy Roberts, Abigail Roux, JD Ruskin, Jaime Samms, Winter Sandberg, Marie Sexton, Rowan Speedwell, Ethan Stone, Lou Sylvre, Ariel Tachna, Anne Tenino, B.G. Thomas, Lori Toland, Piper Vaughn, Deanna Wadsworth, Nessa Warin, Jake Wells, K.C. Wells, Eden Winters, Brandon Witt, Sara York

All right! It is time for me to get off here and head into the thick of GRL!

Peace and love and look for updates on my Facebook page! (and just wait to you see what I said about Brandon Witt last night!)

BG Thomas

GayRomLit 2014 – Post the First

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So I’m here, in the hotel and I’m the first. J.P. Barnaby was sweet and came and picked me up from O’Hare Airport. Thanks, JP! I love you!

The hotel is stunningly gorgeous. I can hardly believe how beautiful. It really is a resort.

I can’t believe the room. Even the ceiling is lovely. I think it’s prettier than the room my R and I had when we went to Baltimore to get married. The view there was much better, but wow! I wish he was here with me. We could have so much fun.

Sadly, it’s raining. There was a chance a group of us were going to go to Boy’s Town, the gay section of Chicago. It’s their Catro basically. And it’s where I came out. Where I went to my very first gay bar. Danced for the first time with a man. Found porn! LOL! Remember, that was before in Internet. I couldn’t believe the stuff I found.

Tomorrow is workshops all day and I won’t be doing that. Instead I’ll hang and write and maybe get a massage. Also, a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in something like tweny-years is coming and if it isn’t pouring, she will take me to Boy’s Town. She’s such a lovely lady and I am terribly excited to get to see her after all this time.

The attendees are trickling in. I’ve seen Joyfully Jay and Eden Winters and Charlie Cochet and of course JP Barnabt and more besides, my brain just isn’t working the best right now!

There is so much scheduled and I can hardly wait. Author Q&As, book readings, panels with names like “Why We Love Our Shifters,” *Who Wants to Be An Adult Anyway,” “When You Simply Can’t Have Just One” (I wonder what that’s about?) and more. There will be a caseno and a coustemed ball and and and and!!! There are even after hours parties. So much fun!

It is nice being here early though, so I can just hang before plunging into everything.

But it is going to be a grand time.

If you’re here, make sure to come give me a hug!

Peace and Love!
BG Thomas

So It’s Late and I Am Mostly Packed For GayRomLit 2014

The nerves have finally hit. I have a novel I wanted to have finished tonight and nope, not going to happen. Perhaps I won’t be partying my ass off tomorrow and I will finish when I get to Chicago?

I doubt it, but who knows?

I love this book but I am so tired that the last two pages I’ve written suck. They need to go. I am just too tired. I have written 30 thousand words in the last week and a half. I am on fire and loving it and you are going to love it too! I promise.

And I am so excited about GayRomLit this year. I am going to be a featured writer! I will have a reading (and I still don’t know what I’m reading from! I can’t pick!). And this year, instead of going from table to table to get autographs…I will be sitting there giving autographs. Me! Giving autographs! I can scarcely believe it.

Will anyone want my autograph?

And then there are the friendships! I have made such good friends and I haven’t seen many of them in a year. Hell! Some of these people live halfway across the world! Like the two sweethearts in these pictures? That’s Thora Kristjansdottir and Erica Pike (from Iceland!) and OMG! I LOVE THEM! They are so sweet and they get me drunk of Icelandic vodka. It tastes like anise and it isn’t easy to drink but oh my goodness–WHAM! When it hits your stomach, look out! We were hanging out in this parking garage at well after midnight and I felt like I was in high school–but doing tihngs I never got to do.

See, these people have become family. My fellow writers and the fans? Why, they’re the ones that raised three thousand dollars so that I could get legally married to my husband this summer! They are friends! They are family.

I am like on of the luckiest guys in the world. It’s a fantasy life. And I love it.

So please, if your going to be at GRL, say hi, give me a hug, and lets chat. I can’t wait!

BG Thomas

One Week Until GayRomLit 2014 / Chicago

So this time next week I will be at GRL 2014 and to say I am excited is an understatement. I am nervous as heck for some reason.

Well, for I know just exactly what reason. I’m a featured writer this year!

What if people don’t like my swag?

What if no one comes to my reading?

What do I wear? I still have NO idea what to wear to the costume party this year. The theme is time travel and I can’t be one of the Drs…there will be plenty of those. If only I had known there was a theme last year! I would have saved the Roman centurion costume for this year!

I do plan on finding a way into Chicago for a day. Chicago is where I came out. Where I went to my first gay bar (and looked around that crowded little place in awe and amazement—all those men were gay!). And it was where I danced for the very first time with another man (wow, was my heart pounding!). Where I shopped gay stuff for the very first time.

The problem is the resort is 40 miles away!

I’ll figure something out!

Anyway, I can’t wait to see old friends (old new friends?) and new friends like Shira Anthony, Dianne Thies and Venona Keyes (as pictured in the top photo). There are so many wonderful people—writers, editors, artists, photographers and of course the actual fans!–that I get to meet and hang with and eat with and party with and dance that go to these events! (Hey Edmond, are we going to hot tub it again?)

If you ever have a chance to go to something like GRL, you should go. It is incredible!

Okay—back to packing!

What do I wear???


EM Lynley Announcing She Won’t Be Able to Make It to GRL


I am distressed to find out that the wonderful EM Lynley won’t be able to make it to GayRomLit. She is crunching numbers but has finally come to a conclusion that she just doesn’t think she can afford to go. I find this very distressing. I can’t imagine GRL without her.

Maybe, just maybe, if we all ran over to the Dreamspinner Press website and bought a book she might be able to make it? I think all of her work is on sale. It wouldn’t be hard. I’m getting “Spaghetti Western….”

I loved her book “Rarer than Rubies.” It reminded me a lot of “Romancing the Stone,” but with gay characters. It was a very good book.

So think about it. Buy a book that you were already thinking of buying and see it that can do it! Hey! She’s worth it and it is worth a try. Let’s help someone we love!

Peace and Love!