Look At Me! Horseback Riding!

So yesterday I had the most wonderful opportunity ~ and a simply terrific afternoon.

My friends Julie and Mike had me out horseback riding! I wasn’t sure what I was going to get to do, but just meeting their horses would have been a treat and wonderful real-life research for my new story (which has no name). Julie told me she hoped I could ride her horse, and that Mike would lead me around.

WELL! As it turned out I not only got to ride her and be led, but I was a pretty good student and Mike was able to take of the lead rope and step away and I rode Mystic all over that arena. She was incredibly responsive, zigging and zagging to my heart’s content. I learned SO much.

This is going to be just brilliant for my new story, about a lonely widower who goes with his extended family to a dude ranch, the last place on Earth he ever thought he would want to spend his vacation. Boy, does he learn different.

Mystic was a wonderful, wonderful horse, and stunningly beautiful. Look for Mystic in my story! I’ve already made some changes. She also inspired lots of stuff and a whole new chapter. Trying to write this story I realized I needed to at least go somewhere and see some horses and talk to owners about them. I did a whole lot more.

I am just a lucky, lucky guy!

Now if only it hadn’t snowed last night and this morning! I thought we were done with that! It is already 34° with a high of 41° later. Maybe it will go away and not hurt my miniature iris (tiny tiny flowers). It is supposed to be 71° by St Patrick’s Day (this Thursday)! Hey, at least it should keep me in and writing!

Have a great day all!


Riding Double On-Line Release Party Today!

So today Dreamspinner Press is having a release party for Riding Double, their newest anthology which includes my story “The Real Thing.”

It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

Various authors will post excerpts, thoughts, comments of how they wrote their stories, and more.

If I did it right, there will be at least four posts by moi!

So far it already is shaping up to look great.

Please check it out right here: http://dreamspinnerpress.com/blog/

And make comments! Let’s make this party rock!

(((HUGS))) and Namasté,

Worn OUT This Morning

I am up too early and need to go back to bed.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of information CRAMMED into my brain about cows and ranching and the like. It is different than I expected, and how!

I even helped make this very small corral and tried to call in three stubborn cattle that were spread out over a huge pasture. I spotted the two missing ones, impressing the ranchers, but we were not able to go after them… It will probably happen today.

I was right there with the cows and I can still smell them! In a corral with a bunch of them and had no idea how many types of cows there were, even miniature ones. Got to pet a little guy — this is a cow so he wasn’t that small — named Ike. Sweet thing. LOL!

Lot of stuff whirling through my brain, FAR too much for a 10-12k story. We are talking novel here, so I will just have to start with the short story and then progress it into much more… Think I will go ahead and go with the point of view of the young guy who knows nothing about real cowboys and make the story where I really start presenting all this information in a story from the other character’s point of view…


Going back to be now! I had a great time!