Riding Double On-Line Release Party Today!

So today Dreamspinner Press is having a release party for Riding Double, their newest anthology which includes my story “The Real Thing.”

It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

Various authors will post excerpts, thoughts, comments of how they wrote their stories, and more.

If I did it right, there will be at least four posts by moi!

So far it already is shaping up to look great.

Please check it out right here: http://dreamspinnerpress.com/blog/

And make comments! Let’s make this party rock!

(((HUGS))) and Namasté,



So I got a rejection from Dreamspinner Press on my story Second Contact. Disappointing! Bad day to get the email…

They say, “We have determined that your story does not fit our publication needs because of content mix required in the anthology.” I have no clue what that means and went ahead and asked to help myself learn how to refine stories for anthology usage in the future and they said there was nothing wrong with the story, and then repeated the same line. I don’t understand.

On the bright side!; the rejection letter, while not as sweetly phrased as my last rejection letter did include the fact that, “We did enjoy your story, and I hope you will consider submitting it on its own.”

So that is pretty cool. This allows me to make the story a little longer, which is what I really wanted in the first place. And it was a little longer than they advertised already. So this is good. My only disappointment then is that I want a story in an anthology because people are apt to buy collections, and then if they like a story, look to see if the author has anything else available.

So I will NOT get depressed about this! I will get excited at the opportunity to make it even better. After all, they rejected Just Guys for their anthology Necking and then wound up buying it as a stand-alone story (which will be available some time in June!)!

There were a few things I wanted in the story that I didn’t have time/space to do because of the word restrictions. This is a good thing! Right?


Send me luck!