Review of “Just Guys” Four Out of Five Stars!!

What a way to start my Sunday! I check out and see the review for Just Guys.

OMG! I got four out of five stars!

Jessewave is a remarkable site with terrific reviews. You know what to buy when you read the reviews and what to avoid and what new authors to look for. Jessewave reviews only M/M stories, specifically M/M romances.

I am so excited to not only be reviewed, but to be reviewed so well!

She goes on to say, “I think B.G. has the real stuff and I have another book of his which is next on my list to review.” I am so happy it is hard not to cry!

What could be better than that?

Check out the review!

Good News — A Happy Response

So I meantioned yesterday that I emailed Dreamspinner Press to find out why Just Guys was on sale.

Good news!!

    Hi BG,

    Dreamspinner is running a summer sale on different genres each week in the month of July. M/M/M genre fell this week. Nothing to worry about.

    Lynn West

I knew it would be a good reason!

This is wonderful!!

Another Cool Thing Happened!

A lady at work came to me this week babbling on and on about how much she enjoyed my story “Just Guys.” I knew she said she was going to support me, but people you barely know say things like that. What was really cool was this..!

1) She obviously had read the story. She went on about each character and told me things about them that really impressed me. She had paid strict attention and really loved all the characters. It really touched me.

2) She wrote Dreamspinner Press and told them she loved the story! This is good! By telling them she loved it, that’s fan mail. And I know companies think that it is rare to actually be told such things and count a letter as numerous people.

THEN I saw that the story is on sale today! It can’t be for bad sales, they’ve only had it available for a few weeks (not even three yet) at this point. So hopefully, it will mean even more sales!

Right now it is $2.39 instead of $2.99!

This is cool!

Wish me luck!

“Just Guys” Goes On Sale Today!

“Just Guys” Goes On Sale Today!

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that Just Guys goes on sale today at Dreamspinner Press’ website! I hope you will check it out. That is the one that I gave the sneak preview for Right Here..!

If you click HERE it will take you right to where you can buy it for only $2.99! What a bargain that is!

And thanks for all your support! You don’t know what it means to me!

BG Thomas


Hey, I just found out that Just Guys goes on sale on June 23rd. And it will only be $2.99. Hope you will check it out. It will be available from Dreamspinner of course, and you will find the story right here on the 23rd.

Just Guys

Grant thinks he is happily married man, but mostly because he hasn’t allowed himself to acknowledge the truth. Both he and his wife chose to forsake fulfillment for a style of life they wished to have. He, an uncomplicated life. She, one where no man controls her and where she is allowed to pursue her many Church meetings and missionary trips as well.
Then Grant meets his new neighbors, a gay couple. Getting to know them stirs up feelings that he has mostly ignored in his life. The more Grant gets to know his neighbors, the more his feelings are surfacing; not only erotic feelings, but emotional ones as well. Can there be a happy ending? One where his wife can be happy and he can pursue romance with his neighbors?

And now, a short excerpt… NOT WORK SAFE!

Galley Edits

So I sent in the edits for the galley of “Just Guys” today. I was very pleased to re-read the story after a few months. It was better than I remembered and made me proud to know I’d written it.

Made a number of little word changes and asked that a few sentences be added for clarification. The wonderful thing about this process is that not reading the story for awhile allows you to see things that you missed before. You know, you read what it is supposed to say rather than what it actually says. The wait allows you to read what it actually says!

They pretty much made every change I asked for on Soul of the Mummy and I was so nervous about it! LOL! Their reply was that they were perfectly willing to make the changes and that was why there was a galley process. I was much more confidant this time and asked for every change I could think of.

Still waiting to hear back on two stories out there. The story I am writing with my friend Charlie is going very slowly but it is a darned good one. I think I am just going to say “fuck” the deadline we were shooting for, write it as it should be and submit it all on its own. Not force it to be something it isn’t, you know?

Just five days until my first story is available! How exciting!

Thanks for all your support!!


AWESOME NEWS!; A Most Incredible Birthday Present!

And you dream and
The way will be clear
Pray and the angels will hear
Leap and the net will appear!

I just got the most amazing news! I mean, just got it!

Okay, remember when I told you I was submitting a story to Dreamspinner Press called Just Guys?

Remember when I told you it was rejected but it was the best rejection letter in the world because the editor of the anthology told me:

    I am sorry for the delay in replying to you about your story “Just Guys.” I enjoyed the story quite a bit. However, I think it would be better as a stand-alone short story than as a part of the “Necking” anthology, due to the complexity of the themes you address.

In a second email she told me the story was “too good” for the anthology and that she would recommend the story to here editor-in-chief!

Well I just can an emailed contract from Dreamspinner!

I sold it! I have sold my second story!

    Dear BG Thomas,

    Thank you for your submission. We are interested in publishing Just Guys. The story would be published in eBook format with an option for audio release at a future date. I’ve attached a contract for your review. If it is acceptable, please sign the last page and send it to the address on the contract. Please email me if you have any questions.

    Elizabeth North


Is that like the BEST birthday present ever??

Thanks to my betas on the story!


Remember everyone (and this is important!), it is NEVER too late to pursue your dreams, even if you are almost fifty. Go for it!

LEAP, and the net WILL appear!