Oh My Gosh!!! I Just Found Out I Am Up For Writing Awards at Goodreads! OMG! This is BIG!!!

I am so stunned! I can’t believe it! I am up for several awards at Goodreads! This is too good to believe! Goodreads! WOW!

You might need join the MM Group then CLICK RIGHT HERE, type in “M/M Romance”. You will then need to click “Join Group” and wait for approval.!!

First I am up for Favorite M/M Author! I can’t believe it! OMGosh! You can find the nominees for best M/M Author by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!

Then I am up for Best Hurt/Comfort for my novel Hound Dog & Bean! WOW! I sooooo love that book! Find the nominees for Best Hurt Comfort by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!

My Christmas Story “Grumble Monkey and the Dept Store Elf” is Nominated for Best Humorous MM Story at Goodreads! OMG!

Please check it out! You might have to join the group first, but hey! I totally missed that I was up for something! I am so happy I am in tears! OMGosh!!! A Goodreads Award! OMGosh!

You can find the nominees by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!

I am SOOOO excited!

AND NOT ONLY THAT! But “A Taste of Honey” is up for Best Anthology!

Please check it out!

You can find the nominees for Best Anthology by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!

Soooooooooo happy!

BG Thomas