Today is National Plumber’s Day

Today is National Plumber’s Day! And what would we do without those men with their plungers and snakes all ready to clean out our pipes? So today I present a naughty tribute to those (sometimes) sexy men. And some of these are pretty naughty and very well might be considered NSFW. No full on nudity…but only a few steps away from.

By the way, today is also National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, National DNA Day, National East Meets West Day aka Elbe Day (whatever in the world that means), National Hairstylist Appreciation Day, National Crayola Day, National Telephone Day, National Zucchini Bread Day, National Parental Alienation Day (I read the description and I still didn’t understand this one), National Poem in You Pocket Day (??), National Red Hat Society Day, National Mani-Pedi Day, World Malaria Day and World Penguin Day.

I could have done something about one of those instead. But my naughty nature took control and this is what you get!

Hope you enjoy!
BG “Ben” Thomas

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Walking the Dog on a Stunningly Gorgeous Autumn Day


So I killed two birds with one stone today. At least two. I took Sarah Jane for a walk, enjoyed the weather, got some exercise and played this new game a friend of work talked me into (that’s four, isn’t it?).

The game is called Munzees. You download the Munzee app to your phone and the GPS feature finds and then you walk around, zeroing in on these little stickers people have placed on lamp posts and such, scan them, and gain points. It is surprisingly fun (and sometimes quite frustrating), but it’s gotten me out of the house on a lovely day! You can find the Munzee site online. Join me in the fun!

Today I chose to do a walk around the gorgeous Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

I also took pictures. That first one is Sarah Jane outside the Nelson itself.


The second is “Ferment” is by artist Roxy Paine . And the third and final is a piece called Standing Figures (Thirty Figures) by Magdelena Abakanowicz.


Oh! Great news! My very, very first story “Soul of the Mummy” is on sale! (you can find it by clicking Dreamspinner). I am very proud of that story and I hope you will check it out.

In fact all of Dreamspinner Press’s paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, mystery and suspense stories and novels are 25% off for their big Halloween sale, so be sure a check it out!

Awesome day today! I hope yours is going great!


Soul of the Mummy cover 300 by 450


Happy Autumnal Equinox 2014

That day is upon us. Not a big fan of Autumn here. Already getting too cold for me. I like the colors of the leaves, but here in Kansas City the leaves start to change on Monday and are pretty much all gone by Sunday, so it’s not one of the places where you can really appreciate the colors. And I am not a fan of heavy clothes. I think I’ve mentioned I like skinny dipping out at Camp? Can’t do that in the fall! But I know it is just a part of the Great Turning of the Wheel and will bring more miracles and joys and insights. And I know it is helping me write my (late) book “Autumn Changes” which I keep getting emails about! Don’t worry! It’s coming! I won’t George RR Martin you! And hell, I am not 1/100th writer he is! Anyway, enjoy and remember to always dare to walk in beauty, balance and delight!

BG Thomas


Who Would Have Thunk It? I Didn’t Know…. (ultimately not work safe)

Who would have thunk it>

Certainly not me.

Who would have thought that this little part of the anatomy, of the muscular structure, had its very own name?

I have always loved this feature. It is sort of like a different kind of happy trail.

Twin trails to glory, you know?

Yes, this part of the anatomy has its very own name.

Do you know?

CLICK HERE if you know what it is called and tell me before you see the answer, if you can.

If you know what it is called and if you can click and type without seeing the answer.

So I am reading this book called Summer Fever by Catt Ford, a very hot book I might add, and the two main characters are making love and one’s special button is his nipples and for the other one, it is this spot I have “circled.” And it mentions the name of this part of a man and I had NO clue what Catt was talking about.

Imagine my surprise when I Google it and find out!

I love it when I read something and come across a new word or phrase.

All right. Did anyone get it?

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Some Cool News

My daughter has been contructing a website for my writing and so far, she has done a pretty darn good job. You can find it here:

Some cool news is that the cosmically amazing Tom Bianchi might let me use some of his pictures on my site!

Can you imagine?

THE Tom Bianchi letting me use some of his pictures??


Dreams upon dreams upon dreams coming true!