Wonderful News About Two of My Stories!

First, I was very excited to find out that I was one of Amber Allure’s bestsellers for July!

1. Clay’s Challenge – Cassandra Gold (Gay / Contemporary)
2. Lucky – K. M. Mahoney (Gay / Shapeshifter)
3. The Truth About Al – M. L. Rhodes (Gay / Contemporary)
4. Under My Bed – T. A. Chase (Gay / Paranormal)
5. Trust Me – B. G. Thomas (Gay / Contemp. / Western)
6. Cemeteries – Lynn Lorenz (Gay / Paranormal)
7. Lost Between – Shawn Lane (Gay / Paranormal)
8. Hellish Twist In Tinseltown – Lee Avalone (Gay / Paranormal)
9. Echoes – Rick R. Reed (Gay / Paranormal)
10. For One Night Only – Anne Brooke (Gay / Contemp. / BDSM)

Considering that my book came out halfway through the month, that says something, don’t you think? So happy!

AND ML Rhodes, only one of the best and finest M/M romance writers, gave it five stars and said, “I love this book!” WOW!

This is what it must feel like if an author of a “straight” romance got such kinds words from Kathleen Woodiwiss or Diana Gabaldon!

SECOND! Silver Publishing is putting out an audio book of “Never Say Never,” the anthology with my story “A Secret Valentine!” I was SO amazing listening to the first version (they send it to you to see if any mistakes were made) of the story, hearing that strong masculine voice read my words. I got chills. The good kind!

I will be sure to let you know when it is released.

So life is good! I am working hard to finish my Christmas story this week, and then will get busy on one of two (or both) other stories right away.

My daughter is staying a few days with me. It was her birthday the other day and we are still celebrating. It has included a nice dinner, my husband grilling huge chicken breasts for another meal, two movies (Captain America; the First Avenger and Rise of the Planet of the Apes – both were surprisingly good and I recommend them highly!) and finally we are going to go have Pad Thai today at Thai Place. It is the best I’ve ever had and I’ve tried it at quite a few places.

Jayli and I have had quite a lot of fun. Like I’ve said before, I see her just enough to miss her when she’s not here! LOL!

So that’s it for now! Until next time,
B.G. Thomas

Home Again, Home Again

So I am home from my vacation and it was a good experience. Still processing. I think, as open as I was for whatever Men’s Festival had to offer this year, I was still hoping for something that didn’t materialize and that affected my total enjoyment.

Despite that, the twelve days was magickal. Amazing. Lovely. Sweet. Fun. Crazy. And I have a pretty damned good all-over tan! Shocked people when I got back to work (and of course they can only see part of it! *G*)

I am hoping to find out the Trust Me is selling like hot cakes, but it will take a while to find out. Let me know what you think? I love that story and would love to get input. (Trust Me is available by clicking Here)

I am very excited to see that it was one of the free books offered through Jessewave yesterday and that there were 42 people interested in it, and that was on a Sunday! Sounds like good news to me! I hope it is reviewed soon, and reviewed favorably of course.

Several stories are ready to start pouring out of me. I want to finish this year’s Christmas story which is darker than I expected, however, that only means that when the sun breaks through, it will be all the more wonderful and romantic.

Then there is my Canadian story (to be written with a dear dear friend and the first time I’ve really attempted to write something with someone since before I was twenty years old! OMG! LOL!

And my pseudo science fiction story should be the best and most romantic story I’ve ever written in my life. I can’t wait.

Stay tuned!


Look At Me! Horseback Riding!

So yesterday I had the most wonderful opportunity ~ and a simply terrific afternoon.

My friends Julie and Mike had me out horseback riding! I wasn’t sure what I was going to get to do, but just meeting their horses would have been a treat and wonderful real-life research for my new story (which has no name). Julie told me she hoped I could ride her horse, and that Mike would lead me around.

WELL! As it turned out I not only got to ride her and be led, but I was a pretty good student and Mike was able to take of the lead rope and step away and I rode Mystic all over that arena. She was incredibly responsive, zigging and zagging to my heart’s content. I learned SO much.

This is going to be just brilliant for my new story, about a lonely widower who goes with his extended family to a dude ranch, the last place on Earth he ever thought he would want to spend his vacation. Boy, does he learn different.

Mystic was a wonderful, wonderful horse, and stunningly beautiful. Look for Mystic in my story! I’ve already made some changes. She also inspired lots of stuff and a whole new chapter. Trying to write this story I realized I needed to at least go somewhere and see some horses and talk to owners about them. I did a whole lot more.

I am just a lucky, lucky guy!

Now if only it hadn’t snowed last night and this morning! I thought we were done with that! It is already 34° with a high of 41° later. Maybe it will go away and not hurt my miniature iris (tiny tiny flowers). It is supposed to be 71° by St Patrick’s Day (this Thursday)! Hey, at least it should keep me in and writing!

Have a great day all!