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Joint Review: Anything Could Happen by B. G. Thomas
Reviewed by Danielle & Sid


Sid: Anything could Happen, isn’t that right, Dani?

Dani: Absolutely Sid , anything can and will happen indeed…

Sid: Wow! That was a good one, and left a nice impression on me. I absolutely loved the character of Austin! Continue reading

Came Home From Work to a 4.5 Star Review for My New Book!


Came home from work to a 4.5 Star Review for my new book!

Now how could my day end any better?

Well how about this! On the front porch was a package with my author copies! I love holding a real book and knowing that I wrote it!

What a wonderful, wonderful day. Thank you Universe! KNOW that I am SO Grateful!

Life is SO good!



A Review from Live Your Life, Buy the Book

September 12, 2013 by

Rating : ★★★★1/2


Austin Shelbourne has been in love with his best friend, Todd Burton, for years. One night he decides to act on those feelings and seduces Todd. Things do not turn out like Austin hopes and Todd literally runs out and refuses to speak to Austin. Things go from bad to worse when Todd’s girlfriend turns to Austin for comfort and Todd finds them together. This drives Todd away completely and he leaves their small town of Buckman for Kansas City, prompting Austin to move to Kansas City after him. At a suggestion from his Grandmother, Austin moves in with his elderly Uncle Boden. Twenty year old Austin has been living in the closet his whole life. When he walks into Uncle Boden’s apartment, what he sees surprised him. He is sure Uncle Bodie is gay but no one had ever mentioned it. While talking to his uncle, Austin blurts out that he is gay. Uncle Bodie is the first person he ever told this to out loud. It is a freeing experience and the conversation between them is funny and sweet.

Uncle Bodie is delightful. He lives alone with his little Pomeranian, Lucille, and is prone to speaking his mind, even when it embarrasses Austin. Uncle Bodie asks his neighbor, Guy, to help Austin move his belongings into the apartment. Upon seeing Austin, Guy feels an instant attraction to the younger man. Guy is in his late twenties and an actor, director and jack of all trades with the Pegasus Theater. He is currently working on a production of Steel Magnolias where half of the cast is played by men in drag. Guy invites Austin to come to their last showing. Austin is excited at the prospect of seeing a production in a real theater. He has been in plays during high school and loves acting. Guy is also working on another play, called Tearoom Tango that affects him personally, speaking to a dark time in his life. On the surface it is about sex in public restrooms, but it is a complex play and delves much deeper than that. Guy is also writing a play. He is reluctant to share details, afraid he will jinx it. I loved how this play is so integral to the story.

Guy flirts with Austin at first, until he learns that Austin has moved here in search of his true love, Todd. As Guy and Austin get to know one another better, he puts his attraction aside and offers to help Austin search for Todd. His reason for helping becomes more personal as Guy’s feelings for Austin deepen. He wants Austin to be sure about how he really feels about Todd. As Uncle Bodie says, no one wants to be someone’s second choice.

Anything Could Happen almost feels like a coming of age story for the three main characters. We are living Austin’s experience as it happens, but also getting glimpses of Uncle Bodie’s and Guy’s experiences from their youth. It is beautiful to watch Austin discover a life he has only imagined. Coming from a small town, he felt like he was the only gay man in the world. Austin is amazed and comments several times in the book saying this is real, I am gay and I am not alone. I adored Uncle Bodie. I was as shocked as Austin when I first met him in the book. He was so outspoken and Austin so unsure of himself. I think I grew to love him right along with Austin. Then there is Guy. He is one of those characters I wanted to hug and say, it’s ok. He comes across as confident but has this vulnerability about him. His life experiences have not been as positive as Austin or Bodie’s. He uses his love for theater to express himself and to work through those things that haunt him from his past.

I really enjoyed Anything Could Happen. It is sweet, funny and, at times, frustrating (this is due to my impatience with Austin to open his eyes and see what’s in front of him). There are also times when it is heart breaking (yes, tissues required), but it was always engaging. I loved the way the author wove together the lives of these three men and used the theater as a vehicle for telling the story. The secondary characters brought a lightness to it and I thought Austin’s grandparents were delightful.

I had some questions about a couple of the characters and I was told that there is more to their story in the book “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold“, of which this is a spin-off. Naturally, that one is now on my tbr list.

Rated 4.5 stars by Deb

First Review “For Anything Could Happen”

First Review for “Anything Could Happen”

So I am blown away by the fact that I have gotten a review for “Anything Could Happen” when it hasn’t even been officially released yet! Wow! And it’s a darn good review. So thank you Amos Lassen! You are a prince! Much love to you… And without further delay…

“Anything Could Happen” by B.G. Thomas— Being Real
Amos Lassen

A couple of years ago B.G. Thomas (who I did not know) asked me if I would review his first book. Since I love reading new writers, I readily agreed and I was pleasantly surprised at his talent to tell a good story. Since that time, he published another book that is also an excellent read and now I have his new book and high expectations. I was not disappointed.

Austin Shelbourne has spent most of his life in the closet so that when he moves to Kansas City, he finally gets the chance to eschew the lies and be who he is. He hopes to be able to find the man who has stolen his heart, Todd Burton. The two had sex once but it made Todd so uneasy that he bolted and has not been heard of since. Austin deeply wants to find him talk and hopefully make things right and regain his love. As he searches for Todd, he meets Guy Campbell who becomes totally smitten with him but confuses Austin.

Austin lets him know from the get-go about Todd and soon learns that Guy has secrets. Guy is worried that if Austin finds out what they are, he would have a hard time. Then there is Todd who might just accept Austin’s apology.

Dealing with the theme of finding happiness, Thomas looks at three characters and what happiness means to each. The characters here express emotions that we all have felt and can identify with. Just as the title say—“anything could happen” and it does. This is a terrific read guys.

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” From Mrs. Condit & Friends

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” From Mrs. Condit & Friends

Posted by Josie Goodreads on July 17, 2013

“Todd! Are you okay?” Gabe asked, alarm capturing his features. I don’t know, Todd thought. I have no fucking idea. Because as wrong as he’d always been told such feelings should be, his heart was telling him-singing to him-that nothing have ever been so right.

RATING: 4 Sweet Peas!

Todd Buckman came to the Big City full of dreams and aspirations. Escaping from his indifferent mother and abusive step father he wants to make something of his life, become a chef, like all the chefs he’s watched on TV, but he soon he finds nothing but a pile of ash in place of his dreams. Homeless and destitute in the middle of a snow storm, with nothing more than the clothes in his back Todd has no idea which way to turn when Gabe Richards, offering kindness and his sofa for the night, takes pity of the young man he spots sheltering from the weather in his building’s lobby.

Gabe Richards is a lonely workaholic who just can’t walk away from the young man he sees in need, so he offers a roof over his head and friendship, as well as a shoulder to cry on. Initially attracted to the young man, who he at first mistakes for a gay hustler, Gabe sees in Todd a chance to repay kindness he once experienced. Soon the two men slot into an easy camaraderie. But can they have more?

As both men fight their attraction to each other can Todd accept that he might be gay, and that Gabe might be more to him than just a friend? And can Gabe trust again, trust Todd with his heart as well as his possessions?

I enjoyed this book, it had a quirky gentle rhythm to it that kept me hooked, and I kept sneaking it out when I shouldn’t, just to read a few more pages. It’s written from alternate POVs and I’ve never read a book with so much internal monologue, although at times it seemed a bit too much, it was lovely to follow Todd as he comes to the realisation that’s he’s not quite as straight as he thought he was. Gabe was so sweet and trusting; through his own internal musings we got to know so much about him, why he thought nothing of helping Todd, a stranger, and why he was reluctant to take it any further than friendship.

The story is full of richly detailed secondary characters, Tracey, Gabe’s fiercely protective friend and colleague, Cody, Todd’s unexpected confidant are just two, and Peter, Gabe’s boss who warrants a special mention, he was flamboyant, witty and charming and just perfect, especially when he regales a starry eyed Todd with how he met Gabe.

This book is just delicious; it’s humorous and funny, quirky and charming, an all-round fabulous read. It’s a perfect way to spend a few hours, and recommended for anyone who wants a Cinderella type story full of angst, heartbreak, surprising twists and a happy ending.

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” from Jessiewave Reviews

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” from Jessiewave Reviews

Rating: 5 stars

A Guest Review by Sammy

Review Summary: A novel that travels beyond the idea of a “good samaritan” and revels in the idea that to “pay it forward” is much more than a quaint cliche.

Blurb: Todd Burton has had enough of small-town Buckman. His abusive stepfather calls him a fag; his friend Austin makes him realize he may be gay, but Todd doesn’t want to admit his stepfather is right; and he dreams of being a chef. Three good reasons to flee his hometown and pursue greener pastures. But when Todd reaches the big city, his luck runs dry. Soon he can’t pay his rent and gets evicted. In the middle of a snowstorm.

Gabe Richards is a wealthy businessman with enough wounds of his own to make him afraid of ever being intimate again. But when he sees Todd outside his building, freezing to death, he takes pity on him and takes him in from the cold.

To their mutual surprise, Todd and Gabe find themselves drawn to each other. “One night” turns into a week. Maybe letting a man in from the cold can melt the ice around Gabe’s heart—and maybe getting evicted will turn Todd’s luck around.

Review: “But please remember this also, if nothing else. Remember the words of Albert Einstein: ‘There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.’”

I will admit that I did not set out thinking this novel was going to be a five star read. I was worried, you see, worried that it might be a story based on some old tired cliche. You know, we’ve all read them: abused small town boy comes to the city with big dreams only to have them dashed…homeless, he finds a truer than life good samaritan and they fall hopelessly in love.

So, you see, I was totally unprepared for this novel, The Boy Who Came In From The Cold by B.G. Thomas. It was far from tired, and certainly no fulfilled cliche. Instead, it was poetry. A lyrical dance that carried me far beyond the story into the heart and mind of its heroes.

Yes, this novel was, at its heart, a lesson in how when a person decides to give back–to “pay forward” some of the charity that had been shown to them in their past, they will actually reap more. And, yes, at its core, it held the hint of a good samaritan parable; one man reaching out to help a stranger, to lighten his load and care for him in his need. But, you see, this story was so much more than that.

B. G. Thomas takes us on a journey. He goes inside the mind of a young man who has denied who he is for most of his life. Fighting back years of abusive behavior from his stepfather and the heartbreak of a weak and uncaring mother, Todd Burton has more, much more to fight than the cold and his poverty. He has to fight the man within who cannot allow himself to be what he is…a man who is attracted to other men…a boy who has repeatedly fought off the the idea that he could be gay.

However, that is not what made this story uniquely different. Please, I do not mean for this to sound unkind or cast aspersions on other stories that may have a similar themes, but what sets this author’s novel apart is how very intelligently it is written. B.G. Thomas takes what is an admittedly tried and oft told story line and infuses it with provocative language and characters that push against the stereotype.

Todd and Gabe don’t “fall in love”. Instead, they fight against it with almost every breath. One because he must deny who he truly is and the other because he has made the mistake of “saving” someone before and painfully lost his heart in the process. The author keeps us on the edge of our seat waiting for Todd to run away again, for Gabe to place yet another brick in the wall he has built around himself. Along the way, he tosses in quotes from notable sources juxtaposed against his own clever prose to remind us of our own frail humanity.

The Boy Who Came In From The Cold does not just encourage us to keep an eye out for the one who is in need, it reminds us that we all will at one time or another be that man in need. This story makes the bold move to believe there is hope in a jaded world of where men and women fight for basic rights; that there is within us the ability to be a “good samaritan”, if we only take the risk.

I highly recommend The Boy Who Came In From The Cold by B.G. Thomas. It is a five star read!

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” by World of Diversity Fiction

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” by World of Diversity Fiction
Reviewer: Lynn
Four Stars

This was the perfect read to brighten my rainy day mood. I was swept off my feet with this sweet, feel good read.

In this novel, we find Todd Burton watching the snow start to pile as he worries where he is going to go. He snuck into an apartment building for shelter. The thin coat he was wearing couldn’t fight against the elements of the blizzard forming outside. The man who let Todd in the building comes down to check on him.

Gabe Richards knows the man downstairs is lying. He has seen the type before. He knows he stay away, but he can’t. Gabe goes downstairs to talk to the young man he let into the lobby. He believes the man is a hustler. After being burned when his heart was in the place, Gabe still offers food and sex for money.

Todd can’t believe the large, sexy man thinks he’s a hustler. Being from a small town and having a bigot for a step father, Todd is more than offended. Insulting the man, so he would go away was easy. After getting caught, Todd has to eat crow or be kicked out in the cold.

Gabe knows what it’s like to need a hand up. He’s been in similar shoes as Todd. Allowing him to stay in his apartment and sleep on the couch, Gabe sets out to show the young man that bad things happen, but you have to dust yourself off.

I loved the in depth background we got to see with these characters. I was so glad to see Gabe and Todd finally take that leap and trust one another.

The side character, Peter was amazing. I hope we get to see him again really soon. I need more of him!!

I give The Boy Who Came From the Cold, 4 stars. B.G. Thomas is going on my Must Have shelf from now on. I love a well written, sweet story.

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” by MadisonParkLove

Book Rec: “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” by Madison Parker from MadisonParkLove

Review: What I love most about this story is how well Todd’s coming out is portrayed. The reader knows Todd is gay, even though Todd hasn’t figured that out yet. I felt his sincerity in the beginning when he denies being “a queer”. Even though the actual timeline is short, it felt as though the realization came to Todd gradually. As he reflects on past events, he begins to see past experiences through a different lens and comes to understand his true sexual identity. As Todd interacts with Gabe and some of the other people he meets in the novel, his step-father’s ugly, hateful words continually pop into his head, making his sexual confusion all the move believable (and heart wrenching). I felt his pain and confusion, and rooted for him all the way on his path towards self-realization and self-acceptance. It was so very well done!

Gabe is a wonderful companion for Todd. He is a few years older, and his emotional maturity and stability, not to mention his compassion, are just what Todd needs. Gabe has his own past demons, which help to explain not only his reasons for helping Todd, but also his hesitancy to pursue a relationship with him. Ultimately, each of these men brings out the best in the other, and even though they haven’t known each other long, their connection feels genuine.

The novel has a fairy tale feel to it. Boy with nothing but the clothes on his back, down on his luck and in a desperate situation, meets a wealthy man who takes him in and helps make all of boy’s dreams come true. But I love fairy tales, so it worked for me! The sexual tension and anticipation of Todd and Gabe finally getting together had me glued to the pages. It was a highly enjoyable read.

I’d also like to add that the cover is gorgeous. The inclusion of the Arctic Woolly Bear Moth (Gynaephora groenlandica) is a beautiful touch!

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” from Sid Love; M/M Romance and Much More…

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” from Sid Love; M/M Romance and Much More…
Reviewed by Danielle

In this novel, we find Todd Burton in the lobby of an apartment building freezing from the cold. Having nowhere to turn to, he hides from the snow and the cold – desperate to find a shelter. That is where Gabe finds him, who mistakes Todd to be “working” there.

Without giving away too much of the story, it is sufficient to say that Gabe cannot seem to let go of Todd and Todd in his desperation cannot see any solution other than to turn to Gabe for help. Gabe offers Todd a shelter, a comfort, a safe place to stay along with food and clothes. But what should have been a place to stay for one night turns out longer and longer…

Being raised by a homophobic stepfather and a mother who lets his stepfather dictate their lives, Todd has been raised to believe that being gay is wrong and sick. With Gabe being openly gay, this raises an issue for Todd and makes him confused and dejected of his own feelings. Never having questioned his sexual preferences, especially having a girlfriend in his hometown yet also being called a fag for most of his life by his stepfather, Todd wonders where his strong feelings for Gabe come from. We watch Todd struggle with these feelings for a big part of the book.

It is a part of the exploitation of both their feelings because you will discover that Gabe has some skeletons in his closet too. It is a wonderful journey and makes you feel part of the road they are following, not forgetting the sensual way their sexual attraction and exploitation is portrayed. This makes the story quite hot also.

We find two powerful side characters in this story, which are definitely worth mentioning: Tracey, Gabe’s co–worker who is loyal to the bone and in the end is responsible for finding out something about Todd’s past what could be seen as a great twist.

And Peter – Gabe’s gay boss, mentor, good friend and overall an exceptional guy. You can’t not love this man with his brilliant quotes and his magnificent view on life.

Although I did feel a slight resemblance to the “Pretty woman” or some fairy tale story. That could be a critic if you feel it like that along with the over excessive use of the worth shitfire…

I cannot say different than that this is a very beautifully written, romantic story about finding your destiny, your purpose in life including coming out and to accept yourself above all.

I’d recommend to read this book quite strongly and to see if you are able to put it down after you begin because I couldn’t.

To end this with a sentence that says so much:

Beautiful? He said my dick is beautiful? A penis can be beautiful?

Of course it can, he realized. How could he deny it? He’d known the truth forever but had avoided it somehow.


Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” from Gay List Book Reviews

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” from Gay List Book Reviews
By Beans

This book was not the story I thought it would be from the blurb and this trope. I was expecting a huddled, feeble man-child found half hidden in a snow drift and rescued by a rough, emotionally damaged, stoic barbarian. If that is what you are expecting too, let me be the first to say, wrong book.

And thank goodness.

Todd Burton is young and freezing, but his pride and closet keep him warm enough that he almost doesn’t get to be a part of this story. Until he realizes the one person who has shown him kindness, an openly gay man, is his only hope.

Todd is not comfortable with himself. He fears the desires he feels building inside, to touch and be touched, by men. He has dreams that he sees shatter into bits. His pride burns. He is desperate for a chance to make it on his own in Kansas City, but nothing seems to be working for him. He lacks the street smarts to go with his ambition and he knows it. And now he’s stuck. Does he dare ask for help from someone that confuses him, scares him, sees him? Can he allow himself to get close to a man who openly expresses the feelings and desires that he tries so hard to ignore?

Gabe is perfect. An out and proud man, he sees a younger version of himself in this scared and desperate man and knows he can help. Just for a night, maybe two. Or at least until he gets on his feet. I adored Gabe. His compassion for Todd, despite a past that would put anyone on edge, made me cheer that all would go well.

One of my favorite parts is near the beginning of the story, and shows these two men well. Gabe has to go to work the morning after bringing in Todd from the cold and he leaves a frozen chicken ready to be stuck in the crock-pot to cook. First, Gabe left Todd, knowing only what Todd had told him, alone in his apartment. He showed him great trust. Todd recognized that and wanting to prove to Gabe that he is worthy of the trust, he prepares a nice chicken dinner, much better than what Gabe had expected. Todd wanted to earn that trust and Gabe gave it without strings. It might sound funny, the beginnings of love over a chicken dinner, but I saw two men who were trying.

Although Todd may start all alone that quickly changes as he is welcomed into Gabe’s life. Gabe’s friends are amazing. Tracy, the sceptic and cornerstone of this little family of friends. She is wary of Todd, but her loyalty and love for Gabe make her an ally in their lives. Peter is Gabe’s boss and mentor, but he is also his closest friend. Peter hears about Todd and pushes himself into Todd’s life. He sees a beautiful, broken yet determined man and knows that Gabe and Todd can be healing for each other. I love how they all build each other up. Peter is a joy. I loved his influence on both of these men, showing them another example of what love looks like. His approval and help move these men in the right direction.

I enjoyed the pace of this book. I loved the strength and pride these men had. And I loved the sweetness and joy that would pop up throughout the story. There was also pain and growth and wounds that had to heal. All were written seamlessly. Well done, Mr. Thomas, for giving us a great story. I enjoyed it greatly.