Home Again, Home Again

So I am home from my vacation and it was a good experience. Still processing. I think, as open as I was for whatever Men’s Festival had to offer this year, I was still hoping for something that didn’t materialize and that affected my total enjoyment.

Despite that, the twelve days was magickal. Amazing. Lovely. Sweet. Fun. Crazy. And I have a pretty damned good all-over tan! Shocked people when I got back to work (and of course they can only see part of it! *G*)

I am hoping to find out the Trust Me is selling like hot cakes, but it will take a while to find out. Let me know what you think? I love that story and would love to get input. (Trust Me is available by clicking Here)

I am very excited to see that it was one of the free books offered through Jessewave yesterday and that there were 42 people interested in it, and that was on a Sunday! Sounds like good news to me! I hope it is reviewed soon, and reviewed favorably of course.

Several stories are ready to start pouring out of me. I want to finish this year’s Christmas story which is darker than I expected, however, that only means that when the sun breaks through, it will be all the more wonderful and romantic.

Then there is my Canadian story (to be written with a dear dear friend and the first time I’ve really attempted to write something with someone since before I was twenty years old! OMG! LOL!

And my pseudo science fiction story should be the best and most romantic story I’ve ever written in my life. I can’t wait.

Stay tuned!



Writer’s Block: Hit the road, Cupid

Hell no! Are you kidding? I love Valentine’s Day! I loved it when I was single (except for one very immature year). Valentine’s Day isn’t just about commercialism. Valentine’s Day is what we make it.

If all we think about is a holiday that people made up to sell chocolate and cards, then that is what it is.

If we think about it as a day to stop and remember to love, whether that is our lover or our family or friends or our kids or even more important, ourselves, then that is what the day is. A celebration of love.

Do we need a day like that? We should just do it every day, but I’m far from perfect and I don’t. Having a day to REMIND me to love is a good thing, just like other holidays can help me remember our country’s forefathers or to give thanks for all that I have or to have a spirit of giving. As humans, such days give us pause to be the best of being human.

And I am a hopeless romantic! I love the stories and the books and the movies of boy meets whatever. Course I’m partial to boy meets boy, but hey! I’m a sucker for a so-called chick-flick anyway.

I truly believe that we manifest our reality. If we think that we are alone and will always be alone and that maybe alone is what we are supposed to be in this lifetime, then that is what we will be.

On the other hand, if we believe that we are just as entitled to love as anyone else and we first give love (and I don’t mean that romantically) to the world around us, we will get love in return. We will attract it to us like butterflies to a flower.

Hell! I have a story that went on sale this weekend in an anthology about Valentine’s Day. I’ll make money off this day. But it isn’t about money for me. I wrote that story because I believe in romance. Right now, romance is what I write. My God! Spreading stories of love. How can I not attract love into my life?
That is what I believe.

And of course, I am blessed to have a wonderful man in my life. I have for ten years now. And today helps me remember to not take him for granted. To show him love. Thank you Universe for my husband!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What Women Want: Gay Male Romance Novels

The website Globe and Mail has published a fascinating article on M/M romances. One of the things that excited me was that my story Desert Crossing is one of the covers featured in the article! Which is funny, because the article is about heterosexual women writing gay romances, but who cares? It’s advertising. And it is an amazing article. Check it out…

What Women Want: Gay Male Romance Novels
Elio Iannacci
From Saturday’s Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Feb. 11, 2011 5:01PM EST
Last updated Friday, Feb. 11, 2011 7:03PM EST

Trends in contemporary popular fiction can be as unpredictable as fashion fads. Nobody expected, for instance, that the gloomy, bespectacled Harry Potter would help resuscitate the ailing book industry any more than Lady Gaga’s bizarre looks would help motivate retail sales. Yet today’s newest publishing trend is as out in left field as Potter and Gaga once were.

Over the past year, man-on-man romantic fiction – books featuring two male protagonists engaged in a sexual or emotional relationship with each other – has taken a significant bite out of one of publishing’s biggest markets. Amazon’s Kindle has had such success with the genre that the e-book site has tripled its “m/m” stock since January, 2010. Even Harlequin – the most profitable and old-fashioned romance fiction house in the world – has recently started to publish same-sex love stories via the company’s digital imprint, Carina Press. What’s most surprising, though, are the types of readers the books have hooked: Straight, married women are among the genre’s top fans. That may be because the authors, such as Iowa’s Heidi Cullinan, a 37-year-old suburban mother of two, are frequently heterosexual females, too. Cullinan has penned such recent works as the popular gay romance Double Blind and the homoerotic fantasy Miles and The Magic Flute. click to find out more