Edits Arrived This Morning!

So the edits arrived this morning for my story “Soul of the Mummy,” and to tell you the truth, this Lynn West is good. Really really really good! I am pleased with almost every single thing she did, mostly just grammatical and the like.

There were one or two things that I am trying to negotiate for, but that’s it.

For instance, my betas may remember the line, “his flat flat stomach,” and how you all wanted it to be “flat, flat stomach.” I wanted the poetic feel, so that you really see just HOW flat it was.

Then there is the issue of whether Egypt is an African country or Middle-Eastern country. Technically, it is a rare transcontinental country, but because of the world it inhabits, so many think of it as a Middle Eastern country. I asked for the compromise of “Arabic” country.

See how few things I am “unhappy” about? I’m willing to let go of any of them. Lynn is an amazing editor and I can’t wait for the next steps!

And I can’t wait to see the cover. Nervous too! Covers can be SO bad and SO good! I worry that a misinformed artist will show a black ancient Egyptian. Somehow in the last decade or two, this idea has swept the African-American community that ancient Egyptians were black.

They weren’t. I’ve studied Egypt most of my life. They were ruddy colored, being out in the sun all the time. But the rich kept there wives indoors all the time so that they would be very pale. Ancient poetry describes a beloved one as “pale as the white breast of a dove.” If you have ever seen one of the most famous pieces of art in all time, the bust of Nefertiti, you can see she was not black.

Egyptians had Nubian (black) slaves…

And Nubia conquered Egypt for – I think it was about a century and that time was known as the time of the black Pharaohs…

Well, we will see!


Tough Writing Decision

I had a tough decision when it came to this writing thing.

Real name? Part of name? Pseudonym?

I wasn’t ashamed that I was writing something that had sexual content. It isn’t porn. If it was straight sex would there be anything to worry about?

I want people to know I wrote that!

But could it bite me in the butt at some point?

So I am going as BG Thomas. That is me, first and second initial.

I can always change it, “come out” so to speak, and the bio won’t leave much to doubt. If anyone wants to know, then I won’t hide.

On the other hand, if some future employee or whatever google’s my name, they won’t find it attached to erotica.

Because I can “come out,” but I can’t take it back, right?

This was very tough for me. With me it is mostly, “what you see is what you get.”

Hope I made the right decision!



I did it!

I just clicked the button on my mouse that re-submitted my story Just Guys to Dreamspinner Press, per one of their editor’s instructions, to the editor she suggested.

Remember that she states that: “I think it would be better as a stand-alone short story than as a part of the Necking Anthology, due to the complexity of the themes you address.”

She further told me that, “You wrote a story that deserves its own limelight, rather than being part of a collection! You did *too* well.”

Wish me luck!

Re-Submitting “Just Guys”

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

I have re-edited my story that was (so wonderfully) rejected and am ready to send that back in and will do so in the next few hours. I have to write that cover letter, and make it good, since this will be a totally unsolicited manuscript. But I have an endorsement of the editor of the company’s anthology “Necking,” PLUS I can tell this woman that they have just offered a contract on “Soul of the Mummy.” Not to shabby, huh?

I still can’t get over the shock of that! I emailed it on Monday and had an answer early Saturday morning. Is it normal to get a reply that fast? I never did back in the nineties. I could wait three months for a reply!

Still, nervous!

And I have begun work on several more stories!

My dreams are coming true!

The above quote is from the Gospel of Thomas, and when I heard it yesterday I was blown away by it. It is so true! My heart is crying out to write. The Universe expresses Itself through us, whatever our gifts and talents may be.

When we deny our gifts, we deny The Universe expression through us.

And that ain’t good, my friend.

So let us everyone express our gifts. It bring us, and others, joy!


Today is the Beginning of a New Part of My Life!!!!!!! (dancing and laughter and tears of joy)

I am on my way to work

But first I opened my email

And I saw something that blew me away

Just look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello BG Thomas,

    I have reviewed your submission for the Dreamspinner Press’s 2010 Daily Dose. I would like to offer you a contract to publish Soul of the Mummy as a part of Midsummer’s Nightmare.

    If you agree, please reply right away so I can get your story into the editing queue. Read the contract carefully and return the back page, filled out, by one of these methods:

    * hard copy to the address on the contract
    * fax to the number on the contract
    * scanned image to this e-mail address

    Within a week I will issue an e-mail outlining the entire Daily Dose production process. If you have any questions before then (or after), I’d be happy to answer them. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Lynn West
    Editor in Chief
    Dreamspinner Press

I am laughing and crying and dancing!


Thoughts become things!

And the next stage of my life begins.

What a way to start my fiftieth year of life!


Some Exciting News and Some Bad News (but I only wish I got more “bad” news like this!)

So I did it – I just clicked the send button and sent off my second submission in over a decade! I submitted another story!

And this one was a bitch!! OMG!

Research, research, research, and more research!

The anthology I submitted to this time is called Midsummer’s Nightmare: Things That Go Bump in the Night. They want stories about “ghosts, werewolves, spirits, etc.,” with an “edge of suspense, a touch of heart-pounding fear, and/or a taste of the paranormal.”

That looked like fun! BUT! Wouldn’t everyone be sending in stories about ghosts, werewolves, spirits, and especially vampires? And probably angst-ridden long-haired rock star vampires?

So what should I do?