A Secret Valentine

An interesting thing about writing is how long a period there is between writing a piece, and when it comes out.

This becomes especially “interesting” when writing a holiday piece. Trying to get into the Christmas spirit in July so that a story can be written and then submitted, and then hopefully bought, then edited and re-edited, etc etc on its way to publication.

So today or tomorrow I will be sending off a Valentine’s Day story. The good thing about this one is all I had to do was think “romantic” and that is easy for me to do! *G*

I am submitting this one like three months at least before the deadline because it will go to the company that keeps closing their submission call at least a month and a half early. It is a bitch writing something thinking you have until a certain deadline, and then finding that company closes their call as soon as they have received enough stories they like for their purposes.

How are you supposed to know whether to bother?

I think this is a good story. Sweet, romantic and finally HOT as hell.

I look forward to seeing what happens. It would be wonderful to sell to yet anther company.

Wish me luck!

And of course, special thanks once again to my amazing betas, , , and . As always, you guys are the BEST!



Another Story Submission

So I just sent out yet another story submission.

This is another Christmas story for Dreamspinner Press’s annual Advent Calendar line.

My story is called All Snug. It is certainly the “nice” to the “naughty” of the preveious story I sent out a week or so ago.

This one is about 16,000 words, under the 18,000 limit! I did it for once! Went under the word count limit. Miracles do happen.

This story is a companion piece to All I Want for Christmas, and while there is no way you need to read both, people who have done so expressed their delight at the way they compliment each other.

Special thanks to the betas who kicked ass and read and edited the story while I was on vacation. I came back from camp with a cold and I feel crappy today so it took me all day to read through their edits and use them! So thank you SO much , and . What wonderful friends!

I love this story! Especially when it was my husband that gave me the original idea. I chewed on it for weeks and this story was born. I pretty much wrote it in 24 hours! I’ve never had anything like that happen to me. I wrote until four in the morning one day, slept for about five hours and then got up and worked until four that afternoon and it was esentially done! So here is hoping that I sell both holiday stories!


I Can’t Believe I Did It!

So I just sent out another story submission.

This is a Christmas story for Dreamspinner Press’s annual Advent Calendar line. Buy the package from them, and then every day for a month, you get a holiday story, whether it be a Christmas, Channuka, Kwanza, Yule, Winter Solstice or whatever.

My story is All I Want for Christmas. It was intended to be a whimsical naughty romantic comedy and wound up getting much deeper than I expected. Don’t want to say anything more right now.

Stories should be between 5,000 and 18,000 and I went just a tad over. I’ll cut it down if they want, but I hope I don’t have to. I feel confidant that they will buy it. I am very very proud of that story.

So that makes two stories out and I intend to start another story today. I have a number of open calls I am shooting for. So here’s to hoping I sell all of them!

Special thanks to the betas who jumped in like champs to read the story and send in their thoughts and edits. Thanks , and . You guys are the BEST!


Submitting a New Story Today

So I did it. I submitted a new story today. *takes deep breath*

A few years ago I was working on a story I really loved, but never really finished it or gave it the justice it was due because of the direction the story had to go. It was a very cathartic story where I was working through some of my own issues.

Then just recently, I saw this from Dreamspinner Press:

Bittersweet Dreams

Romantic M/M Fiction with Nontraditional Endings

Dreamspinner Press presents Bittersweet Dreams: stories of M/M romance with nontraditional endings. It’s an unfortunate truth: love doesn’t always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.

Manuscripts of any story length may be submitted. Follow the general submission guidelines. Please include “Bittersweet Dreams” in the subject line of your e-mail.

Oh, my goodness! So I found it, found out just how much work it needed, spnt days on it, finished it through a flood of tears, and today it is finally totally ready.

So off it went!

A story of a man in a terrible relationship and the growing he needs to do to get out of it, all with the help of a man he meets in the desert.

Wish me luck!
BG Thomas

Submitted A New Story!

Okay! I just did it! OMG!

I just submitted another story to Dreamspinner Press.

I am so nervous about this one even though I’ve sold them two stories already. This story is pretty different. A little bit out there! But then, I am answering a call for submissions about first contact stories, where there is “romance among the stars.”

Science fiction has been and probably will always be my first love when it comes to fiction. Weirdly enough, the very morning I got the email telling me I had made my first sale, I got an idea for a story. A science fiction story about first contact.

I didn’t know what the hell I was going to do with the idea, but I am learning not to block the creative flow. Personally I believe that is the Creator working through me and if I don’t write it, I am blocking the creative flow. For those who don’t believe in such stuff, the advise is still good! Write write write!

Anyway, I wrote several pages, transcribed it when I got home, and then wrote some more. Then just a few days later..!

(insert Twilight Zone music here)

…I see Dreamspinner has a new call for submissions for… Yup! First contact stories!

Here is their call to submissions for an anthology called Making Contact Here is their info for the call:

    Making Contact
    Edited by Lynn West

    We want stories of love that is literally out of this world! Give us galaxy soldiers, space pirates, traveling aliens, intrepid explorers, and more. We’re looking for romance among the shooting stars, love that matches the glory of the spheres, and passion that burns like the largest of suns, where making first contact takes on a whole new meaning.

    Length: 3,500 – 12,000 words (manuscripts shorter or longer will be considered but will have to be extraordinary)

    Call for Submissions: March 15, 2010
    Submission Deadline: May 14, 2010
    Publication Date: Aug. 2, 2010

So, the furshlugginer thing is finally done, and I am sending it off!

Thanks SO much to my betas, . and ,who did an absolutely AMAZING job!

, I haven’t forgotten to help you! I have just gone crazy the last week editing and re-writing AND celebrating my BIG birthday!

So, wish me luck on this story. I am really pleased and excited about it. Like I said, it is a bit out there, but my beta’s seemed to like it!



So I was looking over some stories that I wrote abot ten years ago and either never sold because of the declining porn paper market, or they were refused because they had too much story! Aaarrgh! LOL!

Then I was looking over some call for submissions at two different houses. I wrote them and both were willing to check out my stories.


I JUST sent a naughty but sweet story called “My Best Friend” to Torquere Press, and will be sending another story, “Valentine’s Ball”, to “Afternoon Pleasures: Erotic Stories for Gay Couples,” edited by Shane Allison. This is the same company that puts out the “Best Gay Erotica 2011” edited by Richard Labonte each year. I am also going to send out a story called “Son of a Preacher” for “Best Gay Romance 2011” by the same editor. I missed the deadline for the Best Gay Erotica by a couple weeks! Aaargh!

So maybe I will be making some more sales?

Wish me luck!



I did it!

I just clicked the button on my mouse that re-submitted my story Just Guys to Dreamspinner Press, per one of their editor’s instructions, to the editor she suggested.

Remember that she states that: “I think it would be better as a stand-alone short story than as a part of the Necking Anthology, due to the complexity of the themes you address.”

She further told me that, “You wrote a story that deserves its own limelight, rather than being part of a collection! You did *too* well.”

Wish me luck!