The Camping Was Marvelous, Even Though….

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We got ready to pack the van on Friday morning and it started raining. Made me sad. But luckily by the time we got to our destination, it had stopped. Hurray! R did a good job driving the van with the camper attached—I was quite proud of him.

But then to our surprise, when we got there about 1:00, the campground was packed! We found one tiny little place and R knew there was no way he was going to be able to back the camper into the space. Luckily this hot bearded hairy-chested guy did it for us. Then it was time to set up. Side one went up, but then we had trouble with side two. Finally, techno-stupid me finally realized that side one wasn’t set up right. When we fixed that, bing, bang, boom!—the camper was up!

We had dinner with friends and then hugn out for awhile and the first big bonfire of the evening before deciding to spend some time back at camp. A close faerie brother (I met him years ago and the gay men’s camping retreat we go to) showed up and how nice was that? And then….

It started to POUR! Whoa did it rain!

But luckily we were all under the awning of our camper and we talked for hours and hours and so what that there was rain?

The next day the sun rose over a glorious day! It was so much fun and there was shopping! We got some new sarongs (like we really needed them! LOL!) and chatted with lots of friends. I went skinny-dipping with tons of people and had a wonderful time. I love the water! Our camp-mate, Cricket, made chili mac and it was quite good. That night was the auction which was much fun as well. The auction raised over six thousand dollars for camp! Then it was time to party! Much dancing around the bonfire! We went to bed sometime after 2:00 am.

The next day was gorgeous as well. There was more skinny-dipping and then R and I made cheddar brats and corn on the cob for dinner. And then sadly, on our way to the No Talent Show/Know Talent Show, the clouds rolled back in. And it POURED! Oh dear Lord, it POURED POURED POURED!!!! Bonfire? Not so much. Not really. We got to the camper and the awning was crazy full of rain and it even slightly bent the poles! So we marched off through the rain to the cocktail party for charity and had a great time anyway. Then went to bed.

Our only worry was—how were we going to pack up with every thing wet? It was supposed to rain all day Monday! Luckily, it didn’t! The sun rose nice and bright and soon everything was dry and packed and off we went. We even stopped at a wonderful Mexican restaurant.

And now I am trying not to fall asleep as I wrap this up. Sorry, but with all the rain I spaced off getting a picture of our camp. There was only pictures of costumes and with the kind they were, I don’t have permission to post them. Sorry!

Now good night my friends! Hugs and Love!


A Camping Labor Day Weekend!

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So my husband and I are going camping this weekend for Labor Day Weekend. We are both quite excited because this will be our first time camping with our new (for us) pop-up camper! We bought it last year around this time but this will be our maiden voyage. We need to name it, don’t you think?

We will be at the campground that was the inspiration for Camp Sanctuary in my new novel “Summer Lover.” We have been going there for many years now, we think this is our thirteenth and it was at Laid Back Labor Day that we discovered Midwest Men’s Festival, which is the inspiration for the gay men’s spiritual retreat (in my new novel “Summer Lover!”) Hee!

We are going to have so much fun! We will head out as early as I can get R up and going. Early hopefully because it would be nice to get there early enough to be about to hook up to electricity. I don’t need it. We’ve never had it for the last 13 years–but hey! We want to see how it works!

So the theme this year is superheroes. We don’t have a damned superhero thing to wear. But that’s okay. It will still be fun!

My daughter is going to be watching the house. It gives her some away time so it’s a win-win. She doesn’t even have to watch our dog because we take her with us. She loves to go camping and she gets tones of exercise. There will be much swimming and bonfires and a talent show and Radical Faeries (hey! like in my new novel “Summer Lover.”).

One day of work and then four days of fun fun fun! I can’t wait!

I hope you all have a wonderful and fun-filled weekend. Please be safe and don’t drink and drive! And that’s the truth!

And may we all dare to walk in beauty, balance and delight!
BG Thomas
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