Worn OUT This Morning

I am up too early and need to go back to bed.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of information CRAMMED into my brain about cows and ranching and the like. It is different than I expected, and how!

I even helped make this very small corral and tried to call in three stubborn cattle that were spread out over a huge pasture. I spotted the two missing ones, impressing the ranchers, but we were not able to go after them… It will probably happen today.

I was right there with the cows and I can still smell them! In a corral with a bunch of them and had no idea how many types of cows there were, even miniature ones. Got to pet a little guy — this is a cow so he wasn’t that small — named Ike. Sweet thing. LOL!

Lot of stuff whirling through my brain, FAR too much for a 10-12k story. We are talking novel here, so I will just have to start with the short story and then progress it into much more… Think I will go ahead and go with the point of view of the young guy who knows nothing about real cowboys and make the story where I really start presenting all this information in a story from the other character’s point of view…


Going back to be now! I had a great time!


Another Submission!

So two things…

One: I finished up my final edits to the galley of All Snug and sent them off to Dreamspinner Press just awhile ago. Made a few changes, mostly technical. I hope I don’t have to read it again for a long while! LOL!

I adore the story and it makes me very very proud, but I have read it too many times! Hopefully I am finally done with it.

I can’t wait for it to see “print!”

Two: I just sent a submission to a publisher I have never submitted to before; Silver Publishing. They seem to be a pretty reputable house and I am very excited by the idea of selling them a story.

A dear friend, , suggested that I get my stories sold to as many houses as possible as it looks good as an author resume. She didn’t use those exact words, and maybe she will comment here, but you get the idea.

It looks good to show that multiple houses think you are worthy of publishing.

This story is called A Secret Valentine and I am submitting it to their anthology Never Say Never.

This is what they are looking for:

Any subgenre will be accepted, but must follow a Valentine’s Day theme.

This anthology will feature M/M couples celebrating Valentine’s Day!

We’d love to see something off the beaten path. What have you got for us? An alien being introduced to the customs of Valentine’s Day? Non-human creatures affected by the magic of the holiday? A secret admirer revealed? An ex back in the picture? A wish fulfilled in a new and interesting way? We want to see your best sensual or erotic romance Valentine’s Day story.

Now there are no aliens in this story. It is more like a “A secret admirer revealed,” and I think it is very sweet and romantic with a fearsome HOT love scene. Let’s hope they agree.

Silver Publishing was also accepting Halloween and Christmas stories and wound up closing their submissions weeks (almost two month respectively) early. So even though the deadline wasn’t until January 8, 2011, I wasn’t taking any chances!

I love this little story and I hope they do as well!

And now to bed and tomorrow it will be working on a second draft of my vampire story!

Good night all, and pleasant dreams!

November is National Novel Writing Month; And I Have a Novel to Write..!

So November is National Novel Writing Month!

That is where you take on the challenge of writing 50 thousand words in 30 days.

I’ve attemtped it in years past and didn’t seem to have a chance. With the hours I work and all that goes on in November, it just wasn’t happening.

Of course that was before I wrote near 40k in three or so weeks when I wrote two Christmas stories for Dreamspinner Press..!

So maybe?

And I do have a novel to write. A company has helped me start and wants to look at it.

There are still my hours and all I do in November PLUS finishing my vampire story…

But I am going to give it a go!

This could be good!

And for everyone doing this? Good luck!

More Cover Art!

I have my second cover! And yes, I am pretty excited about it too!

As well?


They sent me three covers for this story as well, and they and I liked this one best.

I love it.

Again, it is not exactly correct, but what cover is?

It is SO damned close and it sets the stage and hopefully makes you want to see what it is about. The two men are dressed completely different and appropriately and that is just right!

I am very happy. Are other authors as lucky as me? I hope so.

But I have heard horror stories, I can tell you.

Now I wonder what they will do with Desert Crossing? I am hoping to get a chance to start doing some of my own covers… Trying to get permission to at least have a shot at that in the future.

Got some edits back on Valentine’s Ball (and I still hate the name of that story…) and waiting for more.

Got some more insight on my vampire story and don’t have a CLUE what to call it! While transcribing it from the handwriting at work to my computer, I decided I wanted it a little bet scarier. Watched 30 Days of Night to chill me up (no pun intended) and it worked. I am going to love this one and I hope you will too.

More later!

This Week In My Life

So I have finished second edits on both All Snug and Christmas Wish and I am very very happy with them.

LOTS of work, but I learnlearnlearn, and that is important.

Yesterday I finished my first draft of a story I am tentatively calling Valentine’s Ball (hate that title with its too porn implications). It is a sweet story, very romantic, and I hope it is well received. Sent it to my betas and hope to hear back soon so I can submit it.

Today I am working on my vampire apocalypse love story. Yup! All three in one story! These are nasty scary vampires, not rockstar-long-haired-googly-loving-eyed-sissy-boi-vampires. Nasty nasty nasty…

How can that bring romance? Stayed tuned to find out!

Work work work!

And a date with my husband today/tonight as well!


PS: Anyone going to ConTraception this year? I know that better be there!!

Thoughts; Working, Working, Working..!

Writing is a job.

I love it. But it is a job. Just like the art I’ve been doing at work. It is fulfilling and thrilling and there is lots of wonder…

But it most assuredly is a job.

Coming out of overtime and haven’t had much free time and it has been filled with editing the stories I’ve sold. The publisher edits them and sends them to you and you approve or disapprove and make changes as you see fit and it is work! LOL!

The editor of All Snug is amazing. I do not agree with everything she has done and I haven’t approved all her changes, but I also can’t get over how her suggestions have radically improved the story and how I have learned even more about writing in the last two days.

But it isn’t getting me anywhere on my next story! I can’t get to it! And it is a good one..! Vampires and these ain’t nothing like something from Twilight, believe you me!

And then there is this company looking for Valentine’s Day stories and in the past I’ve made the mistake of putting them lower on the list and twice now they’ve stopped taking submissions a food four to six weeks before their deadline. I didn’t know publishers did that. So even thought the VD deadline is a few months away, I feel I better get to it now!

So what does all this mean?

Writing is work! Why, I’ve sold everything I’ve sent out and if I want to announce more sales to you soon, I’ve got to finish stuff and get it out there. I can’t just sit around.

Writing is work. I love it!

But it most assuredly is a job. And like King has said in his forwards and afterwards and even his book on writing, you have to schedule writing and stick to it, just like a “real life” job. Know that you will be writing buy such and such a time each day and do it, no excuses. And that means discovering a way to tap into your imagination even when you aren’t “feeling” it. Figuring a way to “feel” it. I don’t have to do that at my horrid daily paying job. I just have to show up and do it.

This is an amazing learning experience. And in the end? I am loving it!

Thank God it is so much for fulfilling than any nine to five job I’ve ever had..!


UPDATE: Just sent off my edits of All Snug. Nap time and then work on the vampire story! Or should it be the Valentine’s Day story?

Another Story Submission

So I just sent out yet another story submission.

This is another Christmas story for Dreamspinner Press’s annual Advent Calendar line.

My story is called All Snug. It is certainly the “nice” to the “naughty” of the preveious story I sent out a week or so ago.

This one is about 16,000 words, under the 18,000 limit! I did it for once! Went under the word count limit. Miracles do happen.

This story is a companion piece to All I Want for Christmas, and while there is no way you need to read both, people who have done so expressed their delight at the way they compliment each other.

Special thanks to the betas who kicked ass and read and edited the story while I was on vacation. I came back from camp with a cold and I feel crappy today so it took me all day to read through their edits and use them! So thank you SO much , and . What wonderful friends!

I love this story! Especially when it was my husband that gave me the original idea. I chewed on it for weeks and this story was born. I pretty much wrote it in 24 hours! I’ve never had anything like that happen to me. I wrote until four in the morning one day, slept for about five hours and then got up and worked until four that afternoon and it was esentially done! So here is hoping that I sell both holiday stories!